More and more people are asking us for more advanced information and many people are after specific, detailed information that they can use in upcoming court cases and the like. To accommodate those requirements and to provide additional ways for people to support us and the tireless work that we do, we have now introduced a number of new products that we believe will be of great benefit to our listeners and Members.

Please note that the products listed below are in addition to the Know Your Rights Radio Membership, which allows you to access our fully edited podcasts - with all the music removed - as well as a full copy of our show notes, plus our extensive court cases page just a few days after each broadcast goes to air. They are also in addition to the mp3 podcast CDs that we have available on our Radio Show page as well.


Our first and, we would argue, most essential product is a CD that contains a full copy of the Annotated Quick and Garran Commonwealth Constitution. What makes this CD so unique is that it actually contains a fully indexed version of the 1008 pages of the standard Quick and Garran Constitution. As any of you who have struggled to make your way through that huge document will appreciate, the index makes it much quicker and simpler to find a specific topic that you are searching for. This CD is available for just $44.95, via the link below, which is an absolute bargain when you consider that a copy of the Commonwealth Constitution would normally cost you around $300 and it doesn't have that index!

Quick and Garran Annotated Constitution with index

Quick and Garran Constitution CD

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Our second product is a comprehensive DVD that contains an incredible number of invaluable Law Dictionaries, including: The 1st and 2nd editions of the Black's Law Dictionaries, Bouvier's, Ballantine's, Bloomsbury's and even the Oxford Law and Latin Dictionaries as well as the Dictionary of the Bible and the English Entymology Dictionary. This DVD is literally worth thousands of dollars but we are making it available for just $64.95, via the link below. Please not that this is not a DVD that you watch, we had to place the files onto a DVD because there are so many invaluable texts that the files literally would not fit onto a single CD.

Law Dictionaries

Law Dictionaries

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We also have 3 new products that can be purchased individually or as a set of 3 Research CDs. Many people have asked Darryl and I where we personally learnt a lot of what we teach and the following three CDs are the source of much of that info.

The first is a CD entitled "The Alamanac of Evil". That CD contains a 159 page pdf document that that details The Vatican's misbehaviour throughout history and how they've brought private law into being and how they control us with their evil empire. This great read is available for just $24.95 via the link below:

Almanac of Evil

Almanac of Evil

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The second is a CD that contains 3 important documents that detail how military occupation has been brought into being in many countries around the world, including right here in Australia.

It includes a copy of:

The Lieber Code

Silent Weapons for Mass Destruction, and

The Law of Belligerent Occupation

Military Occupation

Military Occupation






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And, the third is a CD that contains a 584 page pdf detailing how contracts are formed and it specifically deals with how to administrate "the person".


Invisible Contracts






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As noted above, you can buy all 3 CDs as a triple pack at a discounted price via the link below.


Triple Research CD pack






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We also have our new Understanding Trusts CDs. These are incredibly comprehensive CDs that include everything you could possibly want to learn about trusts including relevant trust laws, how to properly administrate all types of trusts - including your Strawman trust - as well as a detailed history of trust structures as well.

The 3 discs can be purchased separately - as outlined below - or in our triple Understanding Trusts CD pack.

Understanding Trusts - Disc 1 Beginner

Includes copies of: Equities & Trust, Equity Maxims and the Geneva Bible

Understanding Trusts - Beginner






$49.95 Add to cart


Understanding Trusts - Disc 2 Intermediate

Includes copies of: A Trustees Handbook (1898), Estate Law Parts 1 - 9, Law of Executors Volume 1 & 2, the Law of trusts (1888), Halsbury's Laws of England and much more.

Understanding Trusts - Intermediate







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Understanding Trusts - Disc 3 Advanced

Includes copies of: Australian trust related Acts, Gilberts Trust, Trusts Law Parts 1 & 2, The Trustees Handbook, Book of the Hundreds and much more.

Understanding Trusts - Advanced






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You can purchase all 3 discs in a triple CD pack at a discount to the individual disc prices.

Understanding Trusts Triple CD pack





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We have also just formally released our brand new, Know Your Rights e-book - "The essential, step-by-step guide to learning about and exercising your rights." - which you can find out more about and order your copy of, via Our E-Book page -

The hard copy of our book - "The essential step-by-step manual for understanding and exercising your rights."

Hard copy KYR book

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A number of attendees to our live events have requested that we provide a copy of our thought provoking, inspirational registration video and the quotes/memes that we play during our registration process so we now have a copy available on CD for everyone to enjoy.

This disc includes a full copy of the video, as well as individual copies of the 152 thought-provoking quotes/memes as well. You can view a sample of the video and some of the quotes/memes below.


Inspirational sign up CD






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We also have our brand new, 4 x DVD pack, which contains a complete recording of our full day Introductory seminar. It contains a copy of all of our PowerPoint presentations and is the next best thing to attending one of our live events. These DVDs will enable you to go through all of the truly life-changing information that we present at our live events, in your own time and will allow you to rewind and review any sections at any time. At less than the cost to attend one of our live events, they truly are a bargain and our most comprehensive product to date. please click the picture below to find out further details, including the full list of topics that we cover.

4 x live seminar DVD pack






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In addition to these great products, we are also now providing one-on-one coaching and mentoring sessions and, although these are definitely not to be considered as legal or financial advice, we do give you access to our wealth of knowledge and experience - which is considerably more than most so-called "legal professionals" or "financial advisors" possess - but at a fraction of the cost. So, if you would like to find out more about that service, please go to

You can book a one-on-one session via this direct link. Once you have done so, please be sure to e-mail us at with a list of the best times/days to call you, your best contact number and an outline of what you wish to discuss so we can arrange for the most suitable person to call you.