Home Study Course

Our incredibly comprehensive Home Study Course is now available and includes a full recording of one our latest, complete 2 and a half day live events.

The recording has been professionally edited and broken down in sections to make it simple to find exactly the topic you are looking for and it also includes professionally printed and bound workbooks for each day as well.  Each workbook includes a copy of every slide that we go through as well as space next to each slide to write your own, personalised notes. Read More …

KYR Essentials Pack

Our KYR Essentials Pack is specifically designed for those who want to get started with the basics that they need to really start exercising their rights.

Many people ask us what they really need to ‘get started” without getting overwhelmed so we have put together the following pack, which we believe is the absolute bare minimum that you should start with if you are serious about learning about your rights.

Our Essentials Packs include:

A Hard Copy version of our e-book, “The essential step-by-step manual for understanding and exercising your rights.”

The References CD that has all the letters, court cases and videos referred to throughout the book

Our 4 x live seminar DVD pack

The fully indexed 1008 page Annotated Quick and Garran Constitution CD

Access to our Member’s Only forum

This pack is perfect for those that are genuinely interested in learning about their rights and want to receive a significant discount by ordering these vital products together rather than purchasing them individually.  In fact, individually, all these products would cost you a total of $229.80 (including P+H) so by purchasing the complete pack, you are saving over $50! Read More …

USB CD/DVD drives

These high quality, 5 in 1 USB CD/DVD drives have both USB-A and USB-C connectors and will work on all PC and Mac computers and laptops.

You can then use those drives to transfer the data from our CDs and/or DVDs onto a portable hard drive or USB of your own.

The drives also support SD and Micro SD cards and additional USB drives to make transfer between different media types a breeze. Read More …