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David Smith

Hi Derby.
It is NSW. I went to court. The full story was that my employee was driving my truck on a load limit road and the Ranger followed him amd asked for his license. He refused saying ‘ if you want my license call the cops. I don’t have to give it to you. The Ranger left. He sent me a directive to release the drivers details as the truck owner. I replied by letter saying to the effect that by what right does he direct me to release personal information of a driver who exercised his rights? He said he was an Authorised Officer of The Heavy Vehicle National Law and gave his ID details. I said that only allows him to enforce the HVNL not road laws, how does that e that allow him to enforce local laws? He sent me a court notice to Downing St Criminal Court. I had a number of points including breaches of the Constitution and the Privacy Act. The judge was really tough on me including saying the Constitution does not stop the government making laws But she dismissed the case because she agreed that an Authorised Officer of the HVNL could not use his authority to require the drivers ID to then use that information to enforce another law outside the HVNL. Saved me a fine in the vicinity of $8,000.