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J Fesolai

I wasn’t too confident going in to be totally honest so at the last minute I asked for extended time period that I may better prepare myself – the magistrate agreed and adjourned till the end of July now. So I’ll have enough time now to get my head around my arguments and have a better understanding of it all as well as prepare my Court file with the necessary affidavits and other related documentation. Are you going through similar process?

Might I add tho’ that the magistrate did imply that I was wasting my time but not in those exact words. He advised that these ‘Constitutional Matters’ have been dealt with in court many times and have never been successful – every time. Hmmm? Really? City of Greater Dandenong has chosen to ignore at ever instance to prove the validity of Road Rule 702.2 (Parking Without a Ticket displayed) Haven’t attempted to show any proof whatsoever even ignoring both Notice of Objection & Notice of Default.

Will be interesting to know where it all ends. Keen to get it over with but at least now I have some time to fully get my head around it.