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Bee Dee

Hi Jeff,

I have read everything you have contributed to regarding this matter and truly appreciate the advice and so forth. They apparently covered this recently on the podcasts, but as such I don’t have the membership for that!

    Just a few questions in relation to the 2021 upcoming Census:

1. What if you’re not home and they leave the forms on your doorstep? From what I gather, each census either has a hand written Census Form Number (top right hand corner) – or a barcode with ‘To The Resident’ on the front (similar to the 2016 copy). What would this number be linked to specifically – i.e. the actual address they dropped it off to etc?

2. If these forms don’t get returned/disposed/go missing etc. wouldn’t they record this and issue out a fine or such anyway to that address anyhow?

Again I will be home, but use the Obi Won Kenobi mind trick ‘We are not the person you are looking for’! or anything such similar that would clearly not identify me as such person. Hopefully that would be enough to send them packing.