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Jeff Davidson


I don’t know if the form is encoded with the house’s address or not, but Who cares?

What they leave on the doorstep has nothing to do with you unless you choose to make
it yours.

If forms get lost or are not returned, that is not grounds for a fine anyway.

Go back and read my post that talks about a “Notice of Direction” and how they
can’t issue one if they don’t know your person’s name.

And also read about how to respond to “Officers” who knock on your door and try to
get you to agree to be the “person” they are wanting to talk to.

Worst case scenario, if they somehow got a name and served a proper notice on that name
all you have to do is book a coaching call with the KNR guys and they will help you
draft a letter of reply that will stop them dead anyway, but it is most unlikely
to ever get that far as they prefer soft targets that don’t cause them any trouble!