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Bee Dee

Worst comes to worse as was mentioned in one of the recent KYRG videos on Bitchute, Mike stated that you can always pretend to scan the code infront of them, but don’t show them voluntarily. Most businesses will be doing the wrong thing of being the state’s ‘policy enforcers’, but again it totally contradicts Sect 109 of The Commonwealth Constitution.

They can request to see the phone, but that’s the extent. Some may bluff and bullturd their way through it – let’s face it your average Joe/Jane public doesn’t know their rights if they get to the point of pressuring you.

If they demand to see your phone, you can just state that being a telecommunications device that you are potentially breaching the Privacy Act etc.

If it gets too heated, take your business elsewhere and maybe consider speaking to the management (if you haven’t already) over the phone and email them about these laws at a later time. Again most would be blissfully unaware of them!