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Jeff Davidson

Basically, if in the unlikely event you received a proper written directive,
one of the simplest solutions would be to within 72 hours send them a “Notice of Conditional Acceptance” where you agree to do as they ask provided they meet some reasonable conditions, which might include:

proof that the Act they are relying ​on has been lawfully enacted following proper due process,

that you are a person as claimed and you are named in whatever Act that which they quoted in their directive,

a copy of the contract where you agreed to waive your rights and agreed to their terms and conditions,

and a copy of the contract between you and them in which you agreed to participate in their census.

PLUS you should also point out that you are not a slave and therefore do not work for nothing and enclose your list of fees for the time and labour they want you to perform.

In the unlikely event they ignore that and issue a fine, then you could use another Notice of Conditional Acceptance of the fine in which you repeat any points they failed to provide proof for (which is probably EVERYTHING you previously asked for) and when they fail , send them a Notice of Default.

The Aussie Speeding fines e-book will guide you through that process.

Tom Barnett uses a similar slightly more advanced method, here is a short overview: