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Bee Dee

No precedent has been set as far as I’m aware.

Whilst ultimately the federal legislation trumps the state legislation, unfortunately the state authorities will try their hardest to convince you otherwise!

In all practicality, not all businesses will do the right thing no matter how persuasive you are in revealing them the facts.

I tried this with a barbershop by emailing the owner about this, but ultimately he stated that he wasn’t going to waste his time on lawyers sorting out the issue. Mind you he’s alot more approachable than the clowns you no doubt dealt with!

As KYRG pointed out several vids back – Not all businesses owners will do the right thing! Most just don’t know their rights, and just sh1t scared of the fears, coercion and manipulation from the state.

If I were you, take my business elsewhere and maybe either pretend scanning the phone (pref. out of view) or if not just fill in their log using bogus details! The businesses don’t have the power to demand ID!

Hope that helps a little!