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Jane Adams

Correct Andrew, the Queen signed her name Elizabeth on the top right hand corner showing that she had read it. It was to go to a Referendum but didn’t, Bob Hawk lied and told her it would go before the people. Obviously it didn’t so in my mind anything after 1986 is invalid and more so after 1973 I think when Gough Whitlam signed us to the United Nations again with out the consent of the people.

So how do we turn this BS around? if all politicians are sitting in treason why can’t I rock up and announce myself as a stand-in Prime Minister boot everyone out and begin the the selection of new candidates for representation of the people under the true Laws of Australia … I have heard this so many times people saying we can do it from the old but Original Parliament House as it sits unoccupied.

The new Parliament House is a corporate build filled with CEO’s with no affiliation to the people just themselves sneaking in laws and we all follow because we thought we had to.. we think they have the power to consistently remove our rights and to date make us pay for everything while they have sold our country our water and have permitted a foreign country to control our ports and dictate to us.. any thoughts? Cheers