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Michael Robinson

Everything I have read, says must have an alternative means, then ‘suggests’ the vender enters the clients details in the app.
‘Suggests’ is not ‘must’.
I get it that businesses have conditions forced upon then by virtue of their business licence, it is therefore how Gov is tricking the men and woman to enter contract via this app.
This is too my mind completely illegal and unlawful, I have looked hard to find conditions attached to using this app. I can find none. I will not be tricked into contracting with them.
Gov has already been found sharing data with police. Their first lie.
Gov is legally required to share all tracking, tracing and testing data with WHO. But they have not disclosed this. Their second lie. App is completely unlawful.
I now carry a form that passes for an ‘alternative means’ and protects my person and the business owners obligations.