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Not that I have any thoughts on how to access, but I tried to register for the family tax benefits for our 2x children early last year (aged 17 and 14) via the Centrelink online portal. After they considered the application, it was denied due to not having up to date vax. 17 yr old we stopped vax after the 18 month needle, and the 14 yr old has not had one vax. So I left it. Then as we had set up and started using a private foundation, my taxable income was only small, and hubby had gone on Austudy for uni, so in effect to them we are low income. They deposited $13,000 for family benefit via 2x payments in Nov 2020. I still received the letters in the Centrelink portal months later saying that we did not qualify for family benefit. I am interested to see if they hand more over when I lodge a nil tax return this year, and hubby only has Austudy on his. It is apparent that their internal systems do not speak with each other 🙂