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Hendrik Deetlefs

I have a similar incident with the local police station (SA).

I entered to get a certified copy of a document and they politely provided me a mask. I politely declined and said I have an exception. Long story short, I was asked to provide proof and I explained that they are not authorised to ask that information. I also asked the officer for his instrument of delegation providing him the authorisation to ask for that information. I was ask (intimidatingly) to please wait outside while from the looks of it they were searching the relevant acts to support his case.

After about 20 minutes he came out and presented me with a printout highlighting a authorised officer can ask for proof etc. I asked him where that document named him to be this authorised officer and to provide me with his instrument of delegation to which he refused. He stated he was going to send me a warning through the post for violating the act and refused me entrance and service at the police station.

So I raised a complaint at Equal Opportunity South Australia Yesterday and here is the kicker:
On the website for raising these complaints they stat under section “I think I’ve been discriminated against”:
If you have a disability and believe you have been discriminated against because you are unable to wear a mask, you can lodge a complaint with our office.

If you do, we will ask you about your disability and how it prevents you from wearing a mask.

We may also ask you about the information you provided to the person that discriminated against you.

Are they now potentially going to discriminate against me if I decline to share that information? and worst is this also not supposed to be unlawful for them to do so?