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Hi Shane,

I had a similar situation at my work. I came to work on the 28th June, 2021 when the 2nd Mask Mandate was in place. The time before I hadn’t worn a mask and advised that I was exempt (under the Government Guidelines for exemption). This time my Resort Manager was waiting for me, she never comes in early. She advised me that I HAD to wear a mask. I told her I was exempt, she then said they were going to stand me down without pay until the Mask Mandate ended. I was so angry I just said “fine”. She freaked out because it was end of Month & I was doing the end of Month so she called her Superior (our General Manager). The GM said that I had to wear one or be stood down without pay for the extent of the Mandate. My Resort Manager asked if she made sure I was away from all other staff could I stay. The GM said that would be okay as long as it was enforced. I spent the next two days in the back office with plants around me and all other staff members told to “keep their distance” (like I had some kind of deadly disease). I noticed on a number of occasions my Resort Manager walking out to the front office (where I normally work) interacting with Guests, Tenants & Owners. After a few hours I got the shits with this so walked out to get my printing (she had been making me get others to grab my printing). She came and confronted me about walking out the front, I calmly advised I had seen her doing on numerous occasions. She then yelled at me that she “forgets okay!!”.. The next day she asked me yet again, on numerous occasions, if I had “changed my mind” and now could wear a mask. After her repeating this about four times I lost it and called her a bully & that she was discriminating against me. She then called the GM. They went upstairs for a meeting and at 4.45pm on the 30th June, 2021, just after I’d finished my End Of Month proceedure, the GM called me in and stood me down without pay. The letter she presented to me said “refuse to wear a mask”. I asked her to correct it to “cannot wear a mask due to a Medical Condition” and she refused to change it. I left there and handed my resignation in two days later (due to the stress it caused). I contacted Fairwork who brushed me off as soon as I mentioned Masks and referred me to Qld Health or Worksafe Qld (both of whom are pushing the mask mandate). I have now been unemployed for the last two months as the mask mandate still stands and I am now wondering if anyone will employ me because of this. The whole thing is just an absolute joke!!! I wish you well my friend, all we can do is stand together against this tyranny!!
Warm regards, Brenda.