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Jan Damen

There you go folks!….the main thing I have found amongst these pathetic instances of coercion is that the ‘Bully’ doesn’t know a dam thing than what’s on the TV and that is the biggest stumbling block for mainstream mindsets who are conditioned on what to think other than HOW to think.
In other words, ‘Stacks o Stats’ fall on Deaf Ears.
“…I don’t need to do the research” is a classic and as Damian ‘Sparks’ mentioned re Sydney Uni Site Builder replying to his Exemption statement
“His response was that he didn’t care…..”
YOU DON’T CARE MATE?! YOU DON’T CARE about his legitimate statement?!
Now it seems we are entering a ‘Stage’ of mindless division that we need to seek counsel via Legislation/Laws just to get through the day because ‘Common (sense)Law is getting shunned as we get detoured further away from Natural Ways!
What about making up a proper biz card (50/real cheap and hand em about) stating the Legal Implications of being denied access after providing sufficient/legitimate info on your individual circumstances etc. like Damian’s reference to the ‘Disability and Discrimination Act 1992, Section 6
Have the Top 5 legislations passed as law against certain bogus policies/mandates (that haven’t been passed by law)that could effect your everyday circumstances and freedoms.
Make it bold & bright and even have it on a fancy key chain ‘Officialdom like’!
Some sort of Ammo’ to show you ‘aint no lightweight’
‘Australia…you’re standing in it!’ (remember that show 🙂
Anyway,that’s all I got for now – how bout everyone else?
Ps- Alltha the best to you too Brenda – what a Shit Show you’ve been through.Rock On!