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Jan Damen

‘They’ say ‘Yes,you have to QR Code but like many of these so called Covid Policies/Mandates- I have found they are not passed through as LAW and you legally have the right to decline!
Don’t take my word for it on this one but I’m confident you’ll find this to be the case and I am keen to find a definitive answer myself!
If there is a Law that defends your right not to do so I have mentioned before in regards to these matters that it may be worth creating a card that boldly documents this right in detail to aid in a firm but polite ‘No Thanks!’
‘Social Engineering’ has carved through the minds of the masses again.
Are you well? Not Sick? Don’t Have Covid symptoms (like that of the Flu)?
Sounds like you’re technically ‘Asymptomatic’ and have nothing to give but good will-so stuff em!
Pretend you’re Q Coding if you can!
For instance- Why should you be called up for Two weeks of quarantine over some bogus ‘Covid Case’ occurrence that’s just a flu?!
I mean you would know about it if you were affected and only then you may seek medical advice anyway-remember?… we used to do waaaay back in 2019?
All the best with that Frances