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My apologies, I’m new to this, so please bear with me.

I’m about to return the second letter with a RTS – Addressee not known at this address.
After this, I am expecting to start getting harassment from the Census thugs or wake up one day with a nasty “form” at my doorstep or in my mailbox, like many here already did.

In this case, if I decide to write on the form “There were no persons here on Census night”, and return, what would that mean for someone who is under one of the areas where we’re all supposed to be under house arrest (hard locked down LGA)?

Can the Census agents then figure out that we were actually supposed to all be home due to the lockdown in our area and start an investigation or report us to the Police?

What does “There were no persons here on Census night” mean legally, if my family and I were all here? I am still learning about the “strawman”, but haven’t quite grasped that concept yet, so not sure this is what’s being said here.

Thank you and I apologize once again for not being an expert at this, but as many here, I reckon that time is really running short for me on this one very quickly and I don’t want to end up with a fine or an arrest order (God forbid).