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Coralie Rea

Service refusal seems to occur in private establishments and the staff are following orders to keep their job. I tackled it without spending any money. First checked who was the head honcho (manager, director or in my case the chairman of the board) wrote and outlined in detail the circumstances. Attached all the extracts of the relevant articles, Acts and Codes(as we have learnt from this site) and requested a response within 14 days.
Response contained the lists of “directives” to justify their actions, ignored my information and contained no apology. Thanked them for the reply and advised I would be reporting to the Human Rights Commission for discrimination. Filled in all the details on line, attached all correspondence and received acknowledgement that because of the volume of complaints, it may take 3-6 months to resolve the complaint!! But at least it is on record and I no longer need to patronize the establishment.