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Susan Way

Hi Coralie
Thanks for your response. Mine is a beauty, it was the local Post Office! Part of the Fed Finance Dept. I’m checking in regards to withholding mail. There’s a postal ombudsman too! Also, had a visit from the constabulary at my home today. So proud of myself, no emotion, asked if I was under arrest, that I choose not to engage with them. All of their questions were meet with no comment. Said I’d get fines in the mail….now this is gonna sound a bit perverse, but I’m kinda excited about putting the Aussie Speeding fines resource to use!! It’s kinda of funny, I guess all this time at home has been spent learning about our rights! Ordinary life seemed way too busy to make time for this stuff. Bit like many of the doctors and scientists that were holed up last year. They spent time researching what’s really going on with the so called cv!!!