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Sharon Harris

He hasn’t had any follow up. I have also had it on good authority -via said policeman (down below) – that they were advised last week that the Vic Government (I did not ask which state your friend is in, I just assumed Vic) is gradually winding down the authorised officers as they are running out of money & it is my understanding that by June they will have ceased altogether. Please do not quote me on that.

I recommend to your friend to stand her ground, take plenty of Rescue Remedy and act casual. Saying that I couldn’t do it at the time. It is such a very unfortunate situation.

At this stage I don’t think anyone part from your doctor is allowed to source that information, but I do know that recently something was put through federal parliament that I believe passed (I hope I am wrong) which allowed the sharing of personal information between government departments.

I do know that even the police are not allowed to ask to see your vaccination certificate or status, so I am not sure how the authorised officers would be allowed to access your medical information. Does your friend have a myGov app on her phone? If so I suggest that she remove it because I have heard of police can ask to see a persons phone & get them to unlock it. In terms of the Australian Immunisation Register, I realise time of the essence, but does she know that she can legally hide her immunisation status. I sent my signed form in last September via registered post to the Australian Immunisation Register so that they cannot say that they did not get it. If she has not done so I would highly recommend that she download the form asap & post it registered mail tomorrow.

I freaked out completely because I had a female authorised officer call me continuously through the day as my shop was closed at the time due to a staff member taking time off to take a PCR test. I feel vindicated in my paranoia when the cafe owner down the road told me that only male authorised officers attended his premise at around the same time. A friend who is a policeman said it was very very unusual for them to make a phone call in person. I think I may been ‘dobbed-in’. But there has been no follow up as I closed the shop – it was two days before Christmas so I just said I was closed for Christmas & January.