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Sergio DelVecchio

I got a speeding fine two years ago. This was before I knew of the KYR books. I dispute the fine through another organisation. About 6 months ago, I got a call from someone claiming to be from Fines Victoria and they wanted to speak to me about an unpaid fine. In told them that I didn’t have unpaid fines and if they wanted to pursue the matter to do so via proper mail channels. I said that and politely handed up. A few days later I got a text about an unpaid fine. I simply ignored it. I haven’t heard anything since. Reality is a fine is only an alleged offence. Once you dispute it formally, the matter is in their court on how to proceed as they need to prove the offence beyond a reasonable doubt. So, I expect that the fine had been sold to a debt collector and hence why they communicate via text. Just insist on all communication via proper mail.