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Barbara Leslie

It is deceptive not to make this clear before people become members. I have membership with other businesses using pay pal and I can cancel my membership with the business because it is the business making he deductions. All you need to do is stop making the deductions or stop accepting the deductions.
This seems to be a case of I accepted your membership but I am not responsible for your membership that responsibility belongs to paypal. This is irresponsible and as a result you should loose your rights to have members. With rights come responsibilities and seems you have none in regard to some of your members. Is this the same if people have membership using a bank credit card? I am guessing it is so members beware.
“Know Your Rights group has nothing to do with the payments side of things and cannot cancel any recurring payments.” I did not see an option to pay without recurring payments so if this business was not intentionally deceptive this would have been made clear to people before they subscribed to becoming members. I for one would not have subscribed and I suspect there would be many others who would not join so there is intention behind their deception. This is a scam from a business I expected to be honest!