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Barbara Leslie

Thank you Jeff and I still think it is the responsibility of KYR to make this clear to people before they subscribe. I for one would not have subscribed if I knew this and I suspect others not computer savvy would not have subscribed. Maybe easy for some people to do this but not for myself and others. It has cost me and others $60 + to get this information because they are not contactable. If they can only be communicated with using proton mail then this needs to also be made clear to people before they subscribe. There is no way I would have subscribed if this had been made clear for me. This to me equates to getting money in a deceptive manner and this is what I call a scam! Shame on you KYR you need to make your own business dealings transparent before you criticize other businesses. Of all the businesses I have subscriptions with on the internet this is the only one I would label shady and the most difficult to communicate with in an easy and transparent manner.