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christopher byron

This is getting a little strange! Is this a game? Why the kafuffle?
I am pleased to find this forum. It seems as though there are others experiencing the same migraines as myself. Who would have thought a cancellation of a membership would be so bamboozling. Surely this is not a scam. Not from some guys who are promoting how to not get ripped off.

I would love to give you the benefit of the doubt and really do wish to resolve this(what seems like an easy fix) well and truly before another $19.95 is plucked from my dwindling account.

My intention here is to cancel my subscription and help you at “Know Your Rights” to improve your website, member support and customer service.

Just to be clear on what we must achieve before next months scheduled payment, I need to clarify the correspondence between myself and “Know Your Rights”.
I emailed “you” notifying the team of my difficulties as to troubles of membership cancellation due to my financial situation. The response i got was that i had to cancel with Paypal.
However in the subscription confirmation email i received from Pay pal last year, they clearly state: Want to make a change?

To change or cancel your automatic payment, contact Know Your Rights Foundation.

To me that says Know Your Rights Foundation can cancel the subscription.

I pointed this out to the team at Know Your Rights, to which i was told that they have no way of cancelling as it is an agreement between Paypal and myself.

I tried my best to contact Paypal and all i could do was write a message to them through the labrynth of a website. Nothing has been received on my end from Paypal. It has been 7 days now.

Where do i go to from here? Does anybody out there have any lost pieces to this blurry distorted puzzle?
It would benefit myself and the other members but more so Know your Rights Group, who could continue on their path of enlightenment free of confusion and unhappy campers stuck in the muddy back paddock, low on supplies.

I strongly recommend this situation is made very clear to potential members before they sign up.
That cancellation may not be possible.