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Jeff Davidson

If you have a good excuse then apply for a review.
Write a letter that details the circumstances you’d like the Department to consider.
Include the infringement notice number in your letter.
Send your letter to the Department at the address detailed on the fine.

If that fails then Go to the Public Transport Victoria Website and instigate
an internal complaint and if that gets you nowhere, complain to the Public Transport
Advocate and, then, the Public Transport Ombudsman. You may be pleasantly surprised as
to how quickly an infringement is withdrawn after intervention from these bodies.

If you are complaining about the conduct of an individual authorized officer, the Secretary
of the Department of Transportation can hold an inquiry into the conduct of an officer,
suspend the officer and discipline him or her.

If a Court Summons has been issued, you must write to the prosecuting body included in the summons and ask them to produce the service records for the machine where you paid for the Myki or tapped on, and any CCTV footage from the station you departed from at the relevant time. (That will often make them drop
the fine rather than produce the records!)

If all that fails or you can’t think of a good excuse then The template to use would be the| “General Notice of Objection” that comes with the Aussie Speeding Fines book, just edit it a little to reflect
that you are objecting to a Myki fine.