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yes I think they need to provide proof of claim. But also, and insurance companies might have some legal exemption for this…. their job is to take premiums in order to cover repairs for their customers… they take on a risk for their customers. Do you have an agreement with them that they can pass their risk on to you?

They are no doubt going to take the position that you caused them an injury by hitting their customers car.

the exemption I’m talking about might be that they have special rights to claim as an injured party under law… not sure. I have a faint memory of this. Certainly their policy with the other person will say they have agency for that person. So perhaps they are buying the rights to that injury.

Never accept liability of any sort for this. I would use a 3 letter process. I think both the banking and ASF process uses the 3 letters. I think they are all a conditional acceptance on proof of claim? Private settlement after finishing the process. Refute liability without proof is the correct path.

Track your correspondence so you can backup your process. When it goes to court you can show you tried to help. If they go for default judgment… which is probably what they will do seeing as they did 2 letters and didn’t get you to pay, you will probably need to get that set aside and have it heard in court.