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maggoo fox

Yes, this Q was put to the KYR guys about 4 months ago, I think.

I took some notes and will post below:

Write to the agency and request details of the security of your personal information. You also want an absolute guarantee that your information cannot be leaked, hacked, misused by authority etc. If breached, you want to know how much compensation you will receive for the breach of your personal information.

This will start the paper trail. Very important.

Then, in Nov, if you are fined for not having the digital code you will have proof that you have tried to get information and the fine will not stick. You are ensuring that your personal data is absolutely guaranteed not to be breached in any way, shape or form. This is, after all, a gov’t dept.

There is also a report from the commonwealth ombudsman which found that there is insecure requirements of people’s personal information.

Hope this helps