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Jeff Davidson

If you don’t turn up they will go ahead and find you guilty.

I suggest you delay the hearing as many times as you can and use the time
to thoroughly prepare your arguments. (Ring the registrar and Ask for an extension
so you can get legal advice as your lawyer has just returned from overseas.
Next time call in sick on the day of the hearing or you have just tested positve
on your RAT test and have to isolate….and so on.)

Basically, it needs to be a chapter 3 court as per the constitution and
the prosecution needs to prove every aspect of their case including
the lawfulness of the act you are alleged to have broken as well as proving
that the person who charged you was properly authorised to enforce that act
and that you had been served with a notice to wear a mask in the manner
provided for in the act. Also raise inconsistencies between the State act
and federal legislation, i.e you were never examined by a Dr and found to be
labouring under an infectious disease and so on.

Also watch Mike’s youtube videos and make notes about all the covid arguments
he has made
Start at the top and scroll down the list and watch anything that has
masks or covid fines in the title, there are a lot going right back as far as June 2020!