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Shane and Bev

I have a mask fine from early August 2020. I repeatedly refused to wear one and told cop i have done nothing wrong. I got arrested for refusing to id. They are still pursuing me after many delays and cancellations by me and them (the Informer is off work for many months.) They tried to hear case without me, but i appealed this and now have a Mention soon. There are many ways to approach the case but challenging the powers of police under the PH&WB act seems most likely to succeed. I was also told that a exemption from a DR. would help my case but i tried this and DR. said i don’t need exemption and she would not give it – so in Vic. you don’t need an exemption – you just exempt yourself. I asked DR to note that i tried to get exemption. This probably doesn’t help anyone but happy to discuss issue with someone in similar situation. This is interesting to help understand your power and not be fearful.