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So I received a response that reads as follows:
We write in response to your request for review of Fine XXXXXX for ‘Park continuously for
longer than indicated‘ on XX March 2022.
Outcome of our review:
We considered the circumstances you presented. We also consulted the Caution/Review
Guidelines, legislation and information provided by the issuing authority. Our investigations
conclude the fine still applies.
We note you believe you require proof to proceed with the fine, however we are unable to cancel
the fine.
Revenue NSW is authorised to issue fines and accept payment. Revenue NSW can also process
statutory declarations, requests for review and court elections. Where fines are not finalised by the due date, Revenue NSW can also take enforcement actions.
We are satisfied the fine was issued correctly. If you wish to dispute the matter further you may
choose to have the fine decided in court, where you can present the legal issues you wish to raise
to a magistrate.
The issuing officer indicates vehicle XXXXXX was parked from XXXXXX to XXXXXX in a clearly
signposted 2 hour parking area between XXXXXX to XXXXXX Area XXXXXX permit holders
excepted. Whilst the signposting may not be visible from where the vehicle is parked, the driver
must locate the relevant parking sign and comply with the restrictions.
The fine was sent to you because you are the registered owner of XXXXXX. You are responsible
for this offence unless you nominate the person who had the vehicle at the time of the offence.
You can do this online at
What you need to do now:
Please pay $117.00 at or by phone on 1300 130 112.

We will send you a fine reminder showing other ways to pay. You should act by the due date on
the reminder to avoid a $65.00 fee being added to the money you already owe. If it remains
unpaid further fees will be added and we will commence debt recovery action.
If you wish to dispute the fine further you would need to request for it be decided in court via
‘myPenalty’ at
For more information you can visit our website or call us on the number below between 7:00 am
and 7:00 pm, Monday to Friday.
Yours sincerely,
Commissioner of Fines Administration

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Revenue NSW | Department of Customer Service
PO Box 786 Strawberry Hills NSW 2012 | Phone 1300 138 118
Hearing or speech impaired users: TTY 133 677 Speak and Listen 1300 555 727 | | ABN: 81 913 830 179
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I see a lot of issues with the letter above. Any comments?
Not quite sure how best to proceed – whether I use a template letter from the CD or do I address the glaring letter above directly point by point, or a mix of both?