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Elizabeth Lamb

On the Victorian Planning Authority website it states –
“Preston Market Precinct includes the Preston Market that is predominantly owned and operated by Preston Market Developments Pty Ltd, which is a privately owned company. There are additional owners for several parcels of land on the site of the market who are also engaged in this planning process. VicTrack also owns some land in the precinct.”
I know I did not park in the VicTrack area because that is the section where there is construction of the new train station.
I do not know who owns the other parcels of land and where those parcels are located.
What I do know is that they introduced a ticketing system some years ago and got such a huge community backlash that they then introduced free 2 hour parking not requiring a ticket with longer stay requiring a ticket. They also changed it to free 2 hour parking on Market days only Wed-Sat and then changed it to Wed-Sun when they introduced Sunday as a Market day. However to confuse us even further, the Aldi Store located on the Market site has free 2 hour parking 7 days a week! The store I visited on a Monday afternoon is also open 7 days a week but located the other side of the market car park where signs state that a ticket must be purchased on Mondays and Tuesdays.
If the signs are clearly displayed and conditions for parking are stated, is entering and parking in the carpark, implied consent to a contract?