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Ben Bramson

I am really wanting to know the same thing Greg. On KYR they have separate short page explaining that local councils are illegitimate because the only stated allowed local governance is our State Governments. They say the commonwealth constitution states (under certain sections) that only two tiers of governance is allowed to govern the people. Also it states only via public referendum can the State government of your state seek to change and introduce a council tier of governance on their behalf, and this was attempted in 1988 but the popes vote rejected it. It’s fascinating.

I’m looking for step stage procedure and template letters too now to answer the notices the Tweed Shire NSW council are sending to me to pay water rates. I had notice bill from them a month ago to pay a water rates, which I had not, and now a horrible red ink printed letter with parts in capital letter threatening to me that they have filed legal proceedings against me. I was going to pay my water until it got this intimidating letter. It’s made me so angry.

I can say, I have a good friend neighbour who has successfully thus far sent common law notice back at the council here to “settle his bill” for a nominal amount he calculated of $341.00 and sent them a bank cheque which they banked. Which he now sites in reply letters to their demand letter telling him to pay them, that they already accepted his final settlement of amount when they banked his bank cheque.

My neighbour now send invoice to pay notices back to the council every time he receives a letter or call from them. He invoice bills them an hourly rate against them for taking up his time to answer the phone or draft a letter of reply. Thereby he never ignored their notice but sends them the same response, you accepted my final settlement offer.

This is a brilliant approach.

I will be doing the same and suggest other may like to try this themselves.