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Francesco Carbone

*ok i need some assistance if i may. Current position. 2nd letter send and default letter sent, with a reply from then again.
“Their reply states they have reviewed the fine BUT it still applies. They claim that the outcome of there review shows that the mobile speed camera is approved and set up by Technicians who are responsible for setting up cameras according to the correct procedures (i laughed), Stating that cameras receive regular testing.
They then go on to explain that fines are issued for breaches of criminal law and payment is statutory liability under the Fines Act 1996 and related legislation. As the fine is not an invoice for goods or services & the rules of commercial liability do not apply.

They then state that the fine was issued correctly & if i wish dispute the matter further, i may in court where i can present the legal issues you wish to raise to a magistrate’.

So my question is, should i send the 3rd letter or will this trigger a court proceeding? Never done this before and its a bit daunting.