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Elizabeth Lamb

I forwarded a question to be addressed at the City of Darebin Council Meeting today.

“Free 2 hour parking is available 7 days a week at the Preston Market car park located outside the Aldi supermarket. However, a ticket is required to be purchased on a Monday and Tuesday if you shop on the other side where traders are also open 7 days a week. Will council see fit to rectify this unfair and inconsistent application of parking rules at the Preston Market or will it continue to operate it as a lucrative revenue raising activity at the expense of unsuspecting customers trying to support their local traders?”

The answer that the Mayor gave was “The Preston Marker Car Park is a private car park. Parking restrictions are decided by the management of Preston Market. Parking restrictions are enforced by Council through an agreement with Preston Market. Officers will pass your feedback to the management of Preston Market for their consideration”.

This is an absolute joke that they have admitted that they are in a commercial arrangement to collect money as fines!

As I am not in a physical state to take them on in court, I paid their extortion money buy sent them an email stating the following which ironically is exactly what they admitted they were doing today.

“It is evident that the City of Darebin (a corporation) has entered into a commercial arrangement (contract) with the owners of the Preston Market Car park, to impose fines on privately owned property.
After consulting the law, I have been informed that the City of Darebin has no legal right to issue a fine prior to conviction in a court of competent jurisdiction, nor for breaching a private parking agreement to park on private property.
Let it be on record that a payment has been made today “UNDER DURESS” and is by no means an admission of guilt as no crime has been committed.
This email will be kept as record proof for any future claims against the City of Darebin.”

I do not want to end it with that and would like to hit them with more letters and possible media exposure for the crime that they have openly admitted to be committing.
Does anyone have any suggestions on what I should do to continue to pursue until they stop this practice?