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Hey there Aaron
Don’t know if people are getting ALL their taxes reimbursed, however i know that you can STOP paying due to the ATO being an illegal entity etc, there does not appear to be an actual law that states people must pay an unapportioned tax on their private labour as there is NO profit.
check out the ‘is the ato legal’ at the site. excellent information to get started. if you have the books from the KYR group you are more than capable of writing your first letter. make sure you address your letter to strictly to CEO chris jordan, Commissioner of taxation etc and send it registered mail.
US supreme court cases regarding taxes are available on line and there are some great videos from the USA former IRS tax collectors talking about the fact that there is NO actual law. ask for the actual law as you would when asking the council or police for their authority to fine you. if you have read the commonwealth Australian constitution you know that the governor general is NOT legally appointed your own research.