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Thank you Michael for your information-fantastic-greatly appreaciated.

Dear Jesse
go back to page 1 and read Michael’s post re:toll fines, there is a lot of good info there.
I am also at the point of drafting toll letters in readiness to inform them that i will no longer be paying toll fees to travel on the Queens roads that we the sovereigns of this state have already paid for. their agreement is with the state and or federal governments that have NO power over me to contract.
ask for the contract they believe that exists between us(NOT the ALL CAP entity)
you are a private sovereign travelling in your automobile NOT a driver of commerce/driving commercially. read the law that they are working under should be on the infringement notice. it does NOT state the a private traveller must pay.. and i always include a schedule of fees just so they know i will NOT be taking a backward step. give them 14 days to respond only. YOU are the authority they are trying to scare you into paying….DONT be fooled,
be BOLD or pay up. use lots of the admit and agree bits and pieces from the KYR group templates and send the letter to someone. Someone must be legally responsible- me i will be sending my letter to the CEO of each toll company and will be stealing some info from Michael’s post as well.