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pauly monteith

Hi Darryl, Mike…i need some support with this / these cases I’m involved with …a win in the Ringwood Court (of “stopping them at jurisdiction point” …effectively cutting them off at the point of being unable to assert jurisdiction…!!!) will, I feel, have far reaching consequences …
If you want me to input more, please let me know
I’m particularly interested in the comments you’ve made above Darryl, coz it sounds like a “supreme court” is not prepared to act within HCA judgements (ie: the case you quote), and so is it going to be effective at Mag Crt level for me to quote these same judgements …
I need to know if your group has the expertise to assist here, before I commit $150 into an hour of advice…I’m hearing (from listening to your radio shows) that you do, however I’ve already gone down a path of issuing the court with a 28 day notice ….to provide “valid / legal claims”, and issued each cop with a ‘Notice of Liability’ …for any illegal interaction with me …(including a charge by me of $8,800 per day I’m forced into court…)
…will try and send you a copy of my “Notice of Liability”