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Hi Doug. Unfortunately it is not the way you think. Much longer discussion on the subject is necessary. Let me start.
First question is: are you sure that you are a free man?
Do you believe or are not sure or would like to be? Be honest as it is necessary.
Many of us wish to be free, very few act as free man and some are not even at present capable to be free.
Be honest with yourself. Are you or you would like to be free?
Free man would not even raise such question. SO you perhaps want to be free.

Filosophy bit. Law. True law is a law of nature. SOme say god but prove me god. I do not care what you believe but nature is here, you do not have to believe. So I use term nature.
Law of gravity is a law because it works, it applies properly and justly on everyone and everything. You cannot vote, ban or change it. Because it is true law.
Man made are .. acts, rules, regulations etc. Why they were called laws?
Traditionally and still continuing, the rulers were portrayed as GOds or having gods power. If they wanted to rule over the people they had to have God’s authority. So they created what gods create – laws. Simple.
We should call now acts or parliament, legislations, rules etc but not laws. Clear?
However we may make some eceptions and give some rules a status of law. Say it is detrimental to society to allow people walk naked in public. So we outlawed it. Simple.
Other laws. It is us that have the power and create laws. Truly rules but in common language we call them laws and remember what is called and what is a law.

It is clear that the government – public servants, makes us servants and they are dictators. For as long as they are dictators you have no chance to dictate them your wish. Clear?

Our best way is to unite and organise and to agree what we want and what we do not want.
My simple advise; live alone the travel without licence. Life for you will be easier. However I have done something similar. I requested authories (why authorities? We are authorities) to allow me to insert on the license the words: All rights reserved. They refused.
But I have done, I have tried and must keep record of it. It is one of many of my objections to dictatorship we have.

I will tell you why it may be important. The license is a petition that we wave our rights and beg for their mercy or to give us something for it. THe licence is legally us giving the right to our car to the state. They legally own our car and they give as we begged them the conditional use of the car to us if we pay each year for it. The conditions in simple terms are the road rules and whatever cops and politicians decide. The road rules are all wrong and I happily explain in details all about it in a separate discussion if there is an interest.
But the license is a contract between you and the state. YOu sign it and you must obey their rules. But it is a fraud and deception. The contract is valid only when it is voluntary. Yours is not voluntary because they threaten you to put you in cage if you drive without license. Such a contract for many other reasons is not valid lawfully according to our existing laws. But they are the rulers and they rule over you and they will harm you if you disobey. SO do not show that you are stronger than them.
All we can and should do is to challenge them. WE should organise, agree and tell them in their way, official papers that this is unlawful what they do. The more of us the better and more chance that we win. On the other hand we must not only believe but act as free and mature people. SO we must find the solution of issuing licence out of free will. Without coersion. I mean in order to drive a car you must know how to drive and so on.

Does it answer to your dilemma?

I hope it is a beginning not an end to this issue. Or perhaps this is a small not very significant part of a big issue – freedom sovereignty, prosperity and happiness.