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Hi Michal

I have done alot of soul searching on this matter for over 12 months now and yes i truely believe that i am a free man of living flesh and blood, even though at times i feel like a slave to the system…. LOL, the more i research and educate myself on the way things are in this world the more i want to fight for my freedom and natural rights, the way that my higher power intended me to be, FREE, i totaly believe in natural law or law of nature, but and yes there is a but, i am also well aware of what the governments, cops, courts etc etc are doing and what they are up to, and what they will do if we as free men and women of living flesh and blood do not comply with their rules, regulations or demands, just as all tyrants have done to all free men and women in history, google the definition of “TERRORIST” or “TERRORISM”.

In my opinion i truely believe that the only way that we as free men and women can win this tug of war with the authorities is by more and more people standing together, challenging the jurisdiction they think they have and sending a big message that enough is enough and its time for change, whether we do it through the use of the highest law in the land the CONSTITUTION or with a class action through the high court of Australia or by some other means, but we cannot do it alone, we must stand together, either way we cant remain slaves to the system forever, i also think there has to be some sort of order in society or there will be nothing but total anarchey, and im sure we can reach that goal without enslavement of people.

This is why i am doing as much research as possible joining groups like know your rights and aussie speeding fines and wanting more knowledge on traveling without a licence or registration in my own private automobile, so i can do exactly as you said in your responce, organise myself and tell them in their way by official papers, law suits, writs, liens going to court and stating previous court rulings that has set precedent, that is why i asked if anyone out there has any knowledge in this matter, please reread my origional post.

So even though i am on the same page as you and i agree with what you are saying Michal, i already know, and i am, through my research awere of what you have stated in your responce, but unfortunately it does not give me an answer to my origional question.

Stay well and stay safe in your in your travels.

Doug QLD