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Fantastic that you have researched so much. It would be nice if someone else joined the discussion as well.
In politics is not like in mathematics. Here you have no winning formula. Whatever you find it may work for a while but not in a long run.
In theory the constitution guarantees us a free travel. We potentially can just hop and go but we know what inevitably will happen. They the wolves will find you as their prey and make you a trouble. Lets say it goes to a high court if you can afford the cost and nerves. And there the judge (single or three of them) can find their interpretation of our constitution that is not favourable to you. The problem is that we The People have allowed the high court to interpret and have a final say regarding Constitution. To scare you, you may have logical right but they have a final call and send you a bill of costs in hundreds of thousands.
I know you do not like such a projection, neither do I.

Petition is a better way in my opinion. Not one or a few people but really many of us. I’ve learned that if we organise ourselves well enough we send petition probably starting: This is the will of people (below signed) ……
Apparently it is with the letter and spirit of the constitution.
For that, we must clearly say what we want and why. To convince friends and our servants.

Now I want to turn your attention in a different direction, a bigger picture.

How our enemy enslaved us?
By organising themselves in their common good. They are the most successful of all people.
They are not wiser than others, they are more determined, better organised.
What they did?
They have gained control over our media, our monetary system, education, our politics, our courts, medical system, food and water supply and our minds, our lives (wars, vaccines etc).
Unless we regain control over those things, we cannot be free. Should we regain control everything will normalise including a free travel.
If you see all 10 parts of film Europe the last battle, you see how they are defacto the master of humanity. Through a communism they control the population. THey invented Holocaust to reduce population in russia and poland and many other countries. They provoked germany into war only to destroy them and control as they are doing it right now. In a process they have invented a holocaust industry in concentration camps only to control our speech and their agenda to depopulate the world. What they accuse others it is exactly what they are doing. If they control the money and media and UN and all earlier mentioned, they literally control the world. THere was jfk who wanted to get out of their control and they have murdered him and Gadaffi and Hussain and many others.
We have a antidefamation or hate laws. What is it? It is their poor quality but very effective weapon against our freedom. If we say the truth, we get destroyed in their courts by their or their controlled judges. Logically it is not us hating them the antisemitic (they are not semites any way), it is them hating us and enslaving us. If we, many of us agree that it is the case we can and should change the law. We should repeal those hate speech laws. We should do much more than that.
They take their resoning from the talmud. They wrote it and invented their god. And they impose it upon us. Hey, we must discuss it and agree in order to make a big petition. Logially we are right as you see.
The talmud and unfortunately bible as well, says that they are the chosen nation and we are their slaves. IT is unacceptable and it is hate and it is promotion of slavery. On those basis we must seek to repeal them. It is logical to ban talmud and it’s followers as it promotes slavery, inequality, hatred, immorality etc. We must list the baddies of talmud and link to our laws that they were imposed upon us unlawfully unconstitutionally. For an argument sake, one of ours can write another holly scriptures and choose ourselves to be the masters over the jews. Would they accept? not at all so why we should accept their imagination?
We decided and accepted in our constitution that it is a treason to be controlled by foreign powers. Here we have our puppet parliament is controlled by sionists. UN is also a zionist controlled organisation. We must make a comprehensive and compact list of reasons and links of that to their control over us and on that basis we may even change our law, constitution and governing system. In mean time we may seek to charge our decision makers for a high treason.
So we must find among ourselves people who have skills in organising, in writing, having knowledge in constitution and so on. Now perhaps we should list the links and facts and perhaps star composing a big petition. I suggest to do two things simultaneously. The well thoughts of the petition text and also the reasoning why. People must see the consequences to be passive. People must see the consequences of social control the chosen people have introduced in bolshevik russia, their holocaust as part of their agenda. We are already having communism in Australia and it is developing further.