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Hi Darryl, So far it looks to me right what you say. Before I spill my “wisdom” I refer you to listen to videos on youtube by Wayne Glew and by Brian Shaw. They talk endlesly about the constitution and also rates and taxes. Long but worth to listen many times. I also recommend the video very simple The Greates Lie in Australia. They only inform in short way that the feudalism was abolished and once purchased land it is yours without paying until death.
I have similar situation near Bundaberg. I refuse to pay taxes called rates and refuse to beg for any permission. Just days after moving into my caravan on my land council sent me a letter forbidding me to live in my caravan and they said that it seems that I am planning to build without permission. I send them their letter crossed with fat pen the text and wrote: offer declined. (offer to a contract)
In my email I have forbidden them to tresspass in any form and way. I can send you a text on a sign to display on your property with relevant authority.

My way of thinkning. Since we the people cane and agreed to set the government, we have the highest poser not the government. They can make a new laws if we agree. The Queens coronation is just that. She has promissed to keep (KEEP) not make new laws. Logically, who is council or government to tell you anything??? We are free and slavery was abolished. If you and me want a service we have to pay. And we pay. In 1920’s the tax was about 3% and government managed to build the roads, hospitals, bridges and keep the army and police service. NOw they must destroy Afghanistan, Iraq and protect chosen people because everybody want to destroy them. Therefore we must send armed forces and destroy peaceful Iran and Syria. Get it? Watch that and think about it Oh except the specific cases and legislations and paragraphs same thing basically apply in Oz, uk, usa and canada. So their advise is applicable here.
Back here. The constitution must not be altered without our permission. we do not want councils nor extra taxes. In the counstitution is: … for the good government….
Is government good when they tax us out of existence? Without our permission? While we struggle to survive the qld parliament consumes (waste) about 40% total qld budget. Many if not most of them get $200 000 a year. How much you get? So they force us to pay for their high demand life. Is it a good government? Apparently only corporate tax is a law (they can make the laws to their creatures – corporations) they cannot tax us.
In court. It is not a mathematics. It is an art and gamble. Try to avoid by arguning, providing information etc. But in worst case you can always ask: show me the law that I am obligated to pay this tax.
YOu must know 10x more than you need. YOu must know that such a law does not exist simply because we have the highest power and we spelled it into constitution etc. In court you can always use the common law approach: who is in this room (court) with a valid contract with me? — long enough wait and then you declare that there is no person in flesh that has a valid contract with you so you move the case to be dismissed. Sure it is very simplified. YOu must know much, much more about it.
Other measures are to write an affidavit of facts where you declare who you are – a free man, and your property and so on. Yet another measure somoeone used sucessfuly is a writ of mandamus to make such a declaration.
In my situaiton and I want more advice, I argue beside of what is above, that I (We the people) did not elected the government to FORCE me to pay taxes that I do not approve nor benefit from it (Wars, corruption). I did not elected government which tax me out of existence. I did not give them power to force me to purchase services I do not want nor can afford (taxes, rates etc). It would be illogical. Any force is unlawful. They are some ideas to be presented to a magistrate and to accusers.
Darryl, you can ask the relevant authorities like attorney general to show you actual law requiring you to pay land tax. YOu may inform one that you know that qld constitution was unlawfully altered and that we the people (You) did not give them permission to create laws the laws binding you. YOu may say that there is no such law.
All taxes are voluntary. (please search yourself about those issues)

In Switzerland people came together and they decided that they want the tunnel through the mountain they learned how much it cost, and they decided (still people) to raise taxes to cover the costs. They’ve built the tunnel and lowered taxes.

Tell me what you find, what you think and it is worth to discuss those issues. We may discuss privately via email as my subscription ends soon.
Final thing for today. if I meet a corrupt judge in court and one will force his decision unlawfully against me I may protest in civilised way saying: you can do this but not lawfully!
For that you must be absolutely sure what is your standing.
It is uneasy but listen to Karl Lenz on utube on the common law.