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know your rights

I wish to let you know that i am not looking to the government to spell things out for me, thats something only a complete fool would do as the corporate government would not spell out anything that would come even close to the truth let alone agree that we have the right to travel without a licence or registration in your own personal automobile.

All im trying to do is find some concrete evidence such as court cases or judgements that i can shove under the noses of the corporate cops and corporate courts to make them back off, thats it PLAIN and SIMPLE, if YOU have anything from all your years of research then i’d love to see it, if YOUR willing to provide it that is, if not then so be it, i will keep searching.

As far as the rest of what you said in your reply about my God given rights well i dont know where all that came from, not once have i ever mentioned anything about my God given rights, but seeing that YOU mentioned it, i know my God given rights but unfortunately the COPS/GOVERNMENT and the COURTS don’t seem to, or they they just don’t give a crap about them.