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HI Guys …. I used the PPR in the Southport Magistrates Court . The Magistrate would not let me deal with this infringement notice as the PPR . She would not hear me or allow me to stand as the PPR . She called my strawman’s name 3 times & 3 times I repeated the phrase about being here as the PPR to deal with this matter .
Eventually I challenged the Jurisdiction of the Court and the Magistrate then abandoned the Court.
She however called the Court sheriff and had me escorted out of the Court room and out of the Court House claiming I was being disruptive – yeah bull shit I know .
The Slimey Police Prosecutor sent my notice to SPER and claimed I was guilty .
I since have written to the court as the PPR twice and have not recieved a reply or confirmation from the court about my letters.
Its a great system of fraud & corruption. The Police & Magistrates are breaking the law and should all be up on criminal charges for undermining the Commonwealth Constituion. Andrew