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Brett Wilson

Write to the court for a 3rd time. In the 3rd letter, reference the other 2 letters and attach copies of those letters to the third letter. Give them 30 days to respond to the 3rd letter.

If they don’t respond a 3rd time, you have got them where you want them i.e. in a binding tacit agreement that they agree to your terms that you might have clearly stated in your previous letters. “make sure you have clearly articulated what it is you claim in your 3 letters. If not, then start the letter process from fresh and write to them again in the hope they don’t respond or cant rebut your claim being made to them in your 3 x letters. If they don’t respond 30 days after your 3rd letter, send them a “Notice of Estoppel by Acquiescence for unconscionable, misleading and deceptive conduct, where by the have deliberately avoided answering your RELEVANT questions that you put to them in all of your correspondence. The Estoppel process works for me every time in particular with Civic Compliance. I have had 2 x speeding fines issued, I got them in Estoppel both times for misleading and deceptive conduct by not answering mu relevant questions and by them “REMAINING SILENT”. Remaining silent is recognised by our courts as being misleading and deceptive conduct, this is when the Law of Estoppel can be effectively used in my experience. I have never received a Warrant in the mail from them, no issues with the Police or Sherriff. The fines are now Statute barred and they have been Estopped. They know this, so they don’t bother me, don’t take me to court because they know it will be to costly, complex and controversial for them. I am convinced they regard Estoppel as to complex to follow up, so they abandon any action against me. I also send the notice of revocation off with the Estoppel Notice as an enclosure, so that covers that aspect. They never respond to that as its too complex as stated. The Estoppel process should also work with the court if you draft your letters carefully.