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Hi there,
I started my action to vape out debt on my CC, with 4 letters strategy on 28 Dec 2017. I sent them all as per instructions from the e-book. There were more correspondence / letters from the bank but I responded to all of them.

At some stage, Collection and Recovery Department from the bank (their internal collection team) was involved offering me “in a friendly way” to contact them to discuss my financial status and if I have some hardship they will consider and eventually help.
I always responded by reminding them that they refused/failed to provide requested documents to enable me to pay.

My last letter to them was 17 April. They are still sending me statements with increasing fees.
I would appreciate if someone could help me understand, how long this can go until I know or have some confirmation that the file is closed or the pass it to external Collection Agency.

Do you have some experience about that?

Many thanks in advance, Zoe