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HI I have refused to pay any fines from any traffic infringement and especially fines from those portable speed cameras in a trailer as they can not identify the driver of my vehicle and have not obtained any specific approval numbers and certificates from the National Measurement Act 1960, a Federal Law. I could not provide the drivers names as my friends are away overseas . Thus the Infringement Bureau claimed as the owner of the vehicle I am guilty .Some Statute has been constructed that they claim gives them this right to ignore your presumption of innocent
until proven guilty, and only a Court of Competent Jurisdiction has the right to determine a guilty verdict not some Camera Bureau Admin person who decides you are guilty and sends the
notice to SPER .I have other fines issued by a magistrate that I refuse to pay as the Transport Operations Road Use Management Act 1995 is not law. No RoyalAssent or Proclamation Certificate exist so that makes the traffic laws pretend laws all null n void with no authority to be law.
SPER is not a Govt dept it has an ABN number . It is a private corporation masquerading as a Govt body. Further more this corporation has no right to use threats of extortion to make you pay your fines. Threats like suspending your drivers license, wheel clamping your car, impounding your car , imprisonment are all threats of extortion a criminal act.
I asked the Registrar of SPER where did she got the authority to use EXTORTION a criminal act to enforce payment. I also asked why she considered that the Commonwealth Constitution did not
apply to them as it clearly says all states & people of those states have come together to form the Cmlth Con. So of course SPER are bound by the laws of the Commonwealth Constitution just like we are.
SPER have no legal authority to extort money from you. They are committing treason by
ignoring the Cmlth Constitution and under mining that Act and our Common Law rights, & masquerading as Govt.
I got a license from a different State because I knew they would suspend my QLD license for non payment. Which is what they did. SPER are a Criminal Cartel, a private criminal corporation and I do not deal with criminal organisations that threaten me using extortion to attempt to make me pay them money issued from pretend traffic laws and infringements constructed by illegal courts acting as Star Chambers using enforcing pretend laws by magistrates who have no authority to make any determination against us. They are outside their authority and the law by doing this and should be prosecuted for treason for what they are knowingly doing.
It is all BULL SHIT and a massive fraud and scam . Furthermore u could use the Currency Act to pay your fines as a maximum of 10 x $2 coins is all that is lawfully required to be paid for any debt ($20) to this criminal corporation. I wrote to the deputy Premier Jackie Trad with 2 letters asking her about SPER authority (or lack of ) especially the extortion threats used , and many other things. I got 2 replies from admin staff who claimed they were responding on the deputies premier behalf so she never saw my letters I am assuming . Neither response letter
addressed the major points I raised or the Criminal acts of extortion sadly .
I hope my response assists you with understanding the fraud that is occurring and the reasons SPER are acting outside the authority of the law and why no one should be paying any money to this Criminal Cartel….. Andrew