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HI – Of course the Transport Operations Road Use Mamangement Act 1995 ( QLD ) is a pretend law with no royal assent and no proclamamtion certificate .Any one part is missing this makes the law the Police rely upon null & void, it is no law at all.
For there to be a crime yop need a victim. I assume there was no victim when your wife got pulled over . Did she deny she was speeding ? The speed camera devices do not have National Measurement Act 1966 approval number and the devices have not been calibrated correctly according to the Federal Law. All Weights & measurements are controlled by the Federal Law no states have the authority to approve their own speed devices. The States ignore this fact & law & claim they can calibrate their devices . They have no authority under the Act to this again they lie. No cameras in QLD have been calibrated under this Federal Law . The whole scheme is extortion to provide the State Govt with money they have no entitlement to take from you. Everyone should fight all speeding fines because they are completely unlawful . It is one big lie and the Police & Courts are fully aware of this but ignore the facts & the truth. They are the real criminals