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Jeff what a well considered response, I too appreciate it.

Our home was selected to participate in the national disability survey and we had no interest in taking part. In the midst of the lead up to the time period of the survey, during the marketing/propaganda campaign we received letters addressed To The Resident letting us know “your house has been selected to participate in a survey” and warning us to expect a knock from an ABS rep. At this point I was thinking a couple of things: A) the letter wasn’t addressed to either myself or my partner, neither of us identify as To The Resident so that was reassuring. B) the letter actually said that the house had been selected to participate, as far as I know our house can’t hold a pen but one thing I do know for sure, our house definitely doesn’t like unconscious, indoctrinated, small talk sociopaths inside her. So this also reassured me.

When the Rep arrived for the survey, he identified himself, asked my name (I made one up), asked whether I’m the resident (I said, “I’m just passing through” … Aren’t we all?), and attempted to coerce me into providing a time & name of who he could come back and see. I advised I doubt there will be a suitable time ever. I asked, “Does the resident have to participate?”. He said, “YOU HAVE THE RIGHT NOT TO PARTICIPATE. But if you don’t we will fine you, the fines are hefty and are charged per day.” I said, “You don’t know what rights are, if you are happy to say that by exercising a right an offence is being committed. But since you have said we have the right not to, I choose that option.” He left. I recorded his name and rego.

Despite the fact we chose to exercise our right & not participate, we had two more unwanted visits from ABS reps who left calling cards. At this stage we haven’t had any further harrassment but to be honest I feel a knot of anxiety knowing they’re usually like a dog with a bone.

Above information very much appreciated,
Cheers Kiz