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I am happy to help you with this. I have successfully removed my kids from school ie had their enrollment cancelled, without having them registered elsewhere in the department ie Home Ed Dept. I 100% unschool my kids without any interference from the corporate puppets. My experience dealing with them was not to do with vaccinations but did involve using their own legislation against them, I found the loopholes in it, I had evidence of their lies to me (in an attempt to coerce me) and I also promised them that if they pursued the matter, I wouldn’t hesitate to fight back. I copied sections of the legislation I was referring to and now years later, we remain free of their bullshit.

I strongly advise you to download the education legislation. Read it 100x until you see between the lines. Their choice of words can leave them open. What they describe a school to be: eg, a safe place, can be easily picked apart.

Also, I passionately urge you go to and enter in all of the immunizations that your child would have received if up to date. It calculates exactly what amounts of what poisons you child would have received by that stage, so from there you can find scientific papers that prove such ingredients aren’t safe or require more long term research before their safety can be determined. The website is AWESOME. It allows free download of any scientific research paper that is usually restricted from public access or costs to access. Find the paper you want to read regarding specific ingredients, copy the link to scihub and voila. Evidence at your fingertips.

I have totally assumed that safety is your concern about vaccines. It’s EASY, time consuming but easy, to create reasonable doubt about their safety. It can also lead to medical malpractice cases because if you collect enough evidence about the lack of safety testing or the actual hard evidence that aluminium is a known neurotoxin for example, you can take the evidence to a Dr to show them and get them read all of it, after which, if they ignore the evidence of their peers and other professionals, it’s negligence and willful blindness.

Email if you want help with any aspect of this. It’s a game that can get serious pretty quickly. I have other thoughts going on but I’ll leave it to you to get in touch. Just remember that if you are afraid and making choices based on fear, which is what they prey on, you aren’t thinking as critically as you need to be. 🤗