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Bank West closed a $15k credit card within 5 days of the 1st letter being received. We did not check the credit rating (Credit Savvy) until well after the Estoppel was sent, and only then saw that it was finalised after the first letter. Funnily, they did email saying they had received the 3x letters, so they acknowledged receipt for each one, but they had already closed the account.

Westpac is playing games. They keep calling, from a listed and from a ‘private’ number. I wait for them to speak first. They have gone from asking me by a full name to just asking me to confirm I am the person known by my christian name. I don’t agree to that and as soon as I say I have requested documents they cut the call short, I have even been hung up on. But you can’t get angry with the person calling you, as they are just doing their job .. calling a list of people. And you don’t have to go into any details. I did make that mistake in the beginning and I am not sure if that will come back on me. Westpac have sent me a default notice, but have not sent a default to my husband. This could be because I stumbled in the beginning.

Like everyone above says, you need to be patient and stand your ground. Admit to nothing and tell them to only communicate in writing.